Self Care with Meditation

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you so implement some clearing, releasing and healing strategies using these simple, easy to use guided healing meditations and self-healing music!

Here’s a list of healing journey’s for you to consider but before you get there download this free printable journal that I created for you. It has a morning and evening page along with a thirty-day progress tracker to help you create a healthy habit of happiness via meditation and journaling.

And now here’s the list of healing journey’s for loving yourself fully and completely.

Reiki for House Cleansing

Play this in your house to clear out the bad juju! This energy clearing audio is like throwing open the curtains and letting gorgeous sun shine into the room again! Say goodbye to distrustful, stressed out, argumentative, off-kiltered, jittery, awkward frenzied energies and hello to creative, youthful, optimistic, playful, sunny, lighthearted and fun-loving vibes!

This REIKI FOR HEALING HOME music clears negative and bad energy from your house. I’ve infused reiki energies into the music to provide a deep clearing of all energy that is not 100% pure divine love and light of the One Creator God. Then ending with a blessing … activating a field of divine love, peace and grace. Anchoring in frequencies of happiness, health, wealth, success, prosperity and forgiveness.

Download the 60 Minute Clearing & Blessing Banish Negativity Reiki House Cleansing WITHOUT the YouTube Introduction ➡

Here’s the affirmation video I mentioned “every day in every way my life is getting better and better” check it out. ➡ It will help you boost your mindset into believing that anything is possible!

Reiki for Loneliness

Feeling blue, lonely and unloved? These aren’t the vibes you want to be sending out if what you truly desire is a loving and passionate long-lasting relationship. So play this to beat those dejected sappy blues! Once the session is finished you’ll be left feeling like you’ve been wrapped in the arms of an angel! Your heart will be full, loneliness will have been lifted and replaced with feelings of contentment, inner peace, harmony and balance.

Download this 20-minute Healing Journey WITHOUT the YouTube introduction ➡

Reiki for Heart Healing

Feeling pessimistic? It’s time to clear and heal old negative energy so you can attract love and romance, harmonize your relationships, let go of anger and jealousy, dissolve negative feelings and thought patterns, raise your vibration enhancing self-compassion and self-love, boost your energy, balance your mood and emotion … what are you waiting for?

Download this 20-minute Healing Journey WITHOUT the YouTube introduction ➡

OR you can download the SUPER POWERFUL, INTENSE 60 MINUTE HEALING VERSION … that CLEARS HEART TRAUMA plus it’s LOADED with 25+ INFUSIONS and ACTIVATIONS that will help clear family patterns, clear karmic debt, helps reconcile estranged lovers, helps to heal feelings of separation and isolation, helps to prepare the heart for a new relationship and so much more! ➡

Heal Your Heart Chakra Music

Grab a glass of wine, hot cocoa or some spiced tea and slip into a steamy hot bubble bath and relax as this music soothes your heart and mind.

639 Hz Healing Meditation Music | 639 Hz Healing Sleep Music brings inner peace, soothes the heart and comforts the soul. Experience the 639 Hz love frequency while you sleep or meditate. 60 minutes of healing music based on the miracle tone 639Hz.

This Solfeggio healing tone encoded into beautiful soul music will help …

  • ✓ Clear and heal old negative energy so you can attract love and romance.
  • ✓ Heal your heart chakra.
  • ✓ Manifest love while you are sleeping or meditating.
  • ✓ Attract your twinflame, soul mate, divine partner.
  • ✓ Attract true love and passionate romance.
  • ✓ Harmonize your relationships.
  • ✓ Raise your vibration and positive energy.
  • ✓ Let go of anger and jealousy.
  • ✓ Enhance self-compassion and self-love.
  • ✓ Boost your energy and balances your mood and emotions.
  • ✓ Brings you deep inner peace, happiness and contentment.
  • ✓ Cleanses your aura and chakras.
  • ✓ Dissolves negative feelings and thoughts patterns

Frequency Healing | Sound Healing is most effective when used regularly and consistently. I highly recommend you use this music while meditating, during self-healing treatments like Reiki, practicing yoga, relaxing in the bath and even while you sleep. You’ll start to notice amazing results after consciously using this music either daily or at least a few times a week.

Solfeggio Frequency 639Hz enables harmonious relationships, enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. It can be used to help heal relationship problems within the family, between partners, friends and social problems. It can also be used to enhance your positive energy, raise your vibration and attract your twin flame, soul mate, divine partner.

☑ Download this Music ➡

Just Quiet Your Mind already … yes, 10 minutes of just music … just for you alone … relaxing … letting go … breathing. Don’t you feel amazing already just thinking about it!?

Okay, so you like guidance, no problem … Just Breathe … 10 minutes … with me … that’s all it takes to feel clear, balanced, inspired and uplifted once again.

Reiki for Opening Your Heart

Noticing a theme here, it’s all about the heart energy. Why? Love heals EVERYTHING. This will help you to restore calmness and serenity within your mind, emotions and body. Lifting you to higher levels of genuine authenticity and brave self-empowerment.

☑ Download the 60 Minute Version MP3 of this Meditation with NO Intro Extended Reiki and Sound Frequency Healing ➡

Reiki for Producing Perfect Results

Listen to this every night with your dream life in mind and the results will blow your mind!

☑ Download this Meditation with NO Intro ➡

Embrace the Magic of Life

If you aren’t embracing what you can have, do and be in your life what is motivating you to move forward? This journey will rewire your brain to not only accept and believe in the potential to manifest your passions but also to instantly empower you with a deep sense of reassurance that you will begin to live your desired reality.

☑ Download this Meditation with NO Intro ➡

Trust in Life

I guide you on a journey to a plush and opulent forest; into nature’s therapy, a place to reboot, to reset. A place of pure serenity that will elevate your mood and energize your body. You’ll feel the rhythm, the pulse, the heartbeat of Mother Earth while being cocooned in the high-frequency light of the heart of the Universe leaving you with full knowledge that there are forces working in your favor right now and will bless you and your life in a positive way … need I say more?

☑ Download this Meditation with NO Intro ➡

Maybe you don’t need help falling asleep but let me tell you why you need to add this to your healing arsenal! To make this healing journey incredibly fab I have masterfully mixed within the heavenly soul music, soothing delta frequencies. So what, who cares you say? You’ll quickly welcome these soothing sound waves as you release and let go, floating and drifting away into higher states of consciousness while simultaneously moving into a deep peaceful sleep that provides powerful transformational healing on all levels of your being. So tonight slide into your silk pj’s with this liberating, playful and optimistic healing journey.

☑ Download this Meditation with NO Intro ➡

Maybe you don’t have a migraine or any type of physical pain that needs healing but what about heartache, stress or anxiety? Those silent mental and emotional killers. It’s time you take a journey through a gorgeous meadow and into a giant magical tree where you will discover a beautiful all-natural healing spa created specifically for you to let go of any pain, anxiety and stress that you carry within your body … you’ll be feeling like you’re on top of the world!

☑ Download this Meditation with NO Intro ➡

Finally ending this post with this meditation that if you haven’t taken already you’re really missing out on an uplifting radiant journey! One that takes you through a magical meadow and into a crystal cave where you are greeted by loving majestic angelic beings who share loving messages with you about your spiritual connection and receiving signs. You are then invited to discover your life purpose, clear and activate your third eye and heart chakras and download ancient light codes into your chakra system to help you awaken and remember who you really are and why you are here. Seize the opportunity, skyrocket yourself into a higher state of consciousness where absolutely anything is possible!

☑ Download this Meditation with NO Intro ➡️

Enjoy them all, many blessings my friend!

With peace and love from my world to yours … namaste.

Lisa Whatley … Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.

Neville Goddard
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