Learn How to Be Love

Every day there is only one thing to learn … how to be love. Listen to this 639 Hz Healing Meditation Music ( find it below ) while you contemplate those words in meditation or while journaling your thoughts for self-reflection. How can I be love today?

Know the difference between being love and seeking love.

Being love comes from within … accepting yourself fully, for who you are, exactly as you are, exactly where you are. Only YOU can fulfil yourself. No one and nothing outside of you can replace the reservoir of love within yourself.

This reservoir of love IS YOU. Your unconditional love consciousness. It contains your light quotient, it makes up your aura, it flows out of your heart space, your chakra system, it touches those around you.

If your love quotient is low … you’ll attract to yourself the equivalent of what you are filled up with that which you vibrate with. The thoughts you have about yourself are reflected within the reality you live … mirrored back to you by how you allow others to treat you, the types of relationships you entertain, the quality of your relationships, your energy levels, your health, your wealth … everything within your life.

There is nothing not touched by your very own inner world therefore ALL of this begins with how you are learning to be love. How much love is emanating from your lightbody.

If you are experiencing your reality in a less than desirable fashion know that you are emanating that frequency to attract that back into your world. Learn how to BE love. Learn how to BE that which you are seeking … to attract a loving, positive, optimistic, uplifting, peaceful reality.

When you are seeking love you are looking for something outside of yourself. You are seeking acceptance from something outside of yourself. You are looking for approval from something outside of yourself. All of this seeking outside yourself creates a constant loop of needing to find more to fill your happiness levels.

It will never be filled.

You will constantly be looking for the next thing to fill that need, that desire. You give your power away when you look outside of yourself to fill a void. You emanate a frequency of neediness, needing something, of not being good enough, of attachment, clingy, not happy, not worthy, etc.

Everything you could ever need, want and desire … comes from within. When you nail this, you will begin to attract the most glorious life that you could possibly imagine. Peace will be yours regardless of what is taking place outside of you.

YOU control your reality … every day there is only one thing to learn … how to be love.

This 639 Hz Healing Meditation Music … brings inner peace, soothes the heart and comforts the soul. It is a tool that is best used with conscious intention.

This Solfeggio healing tone encoded into beautiful soul music will help …

  • ✓ Clear and heal old negative energy so you can attract love and romance.
  • ✓ Heal your heart chakra.
  • ✓ Manifest love while you are sleeping or meditating.
  • ✓ Attract your twinflame, soul mate, divine partner.
  • ✓ Attract true love and passionate romance.
  • ✓ Harmonize your relationships.
  • ✓ Raise your vibration and positive energy.
  • ✓ Let go of anger and jealousy.
  • ✓ Enhance self-compassion and self-love.
  • ✓ Boost your energy and balances your mood and emotions.
  • ✓ Brings you deep inner peace, happiness and contentment.
  • ✓ Cleanses your aura and chakras.
  • ✓ Dissolves negative feelings and thoughts patterns

Frequency Healing also known as Sound Healing is most effective when used regularly and consistently because of this I highly recommend you use this music while meditating, journaling, during self-healing treatments like Reiki, practicing yoga, relaxing in the bath and even while you sleep.

You’ll start to notice amazing results after consciously using this music either daily or at least a few times a week.

Solfeggio Frequency 639Hz enables harmonious relationships, enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. It can be used to help heal relationship problems within the family, between partners, friends and social problems. It can also be used to enhance your positive energy, raise your vibration and attract your twin flame, soul mate, divine partner.

Enjoy my friend!

☑ Download this Music ➡ http://bit.ly/639hz-love-frequency-music


Until we meet again, peace and love from my world to yours … may you be blessed abundantly in all areas of your life a hundred-fold, namaste. 💖

Your Meditation Guide, Soul Sister and Friend, Lisa Whatley

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Remember, every day there is only one thing to learn … how to be love.

– Lisa Whatley
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