synchronized global meditation

7 Day Peace Meditation Challenge

Together, every day we WILL release a massive flood of powerful healing energy so much so that definite changes will be brought about in human consciousness and YOU my friend, will have helped usher in this amazing transformation for all of humanity.

Relaxing Music for Stress Relief: Soothing Music for Meditation, Sleep Music, Reiki Healing

Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

Relaxing meditation music infused with reiki healing energies created with loving intention to soothe your soul while bringing inner peace and harmony to your mind, body and emotions.

Hard Time Falling Asleep?

In this time of covid-19 uncertainty perhaps you are having a hard time falling asleep or getting quality of sleep. Now would be the ideal time to add this to your healing arsenal.

Learn How to Be Love

Every day there is only one thing to learn … how to be love. Listen to this 639 Hz Healing Meditation Music while you contemplate those words in meditation or while journaling your thoughts for self-reflection.


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